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We are a multidisciplinary team of skilled engineers, mathematicians, and business consultants equipped to help our clients succeed.

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Tiago Barbosa's head shot
Tiago Barbosa

CEO & Co-Founder

Afonso Oliveira's head shot
Afonso Oliveira

CTO & Co-Founder

Eduardo Morgado's head shot
Eduardo Morgado

COO & Co-Founder

André Nascimento's head shot
André Nascimento

Software Engineer

Carlos Silva's head shot
Carlos Silva

NFT Researcher

Carolina Goldstein's head shot
Carolina Goldstein

Economic Modeler

Catarina Urgueira's head shot
Catarina Urgueira

Technical Researcher

Fredrik Serra's head shot
Fredrik Serra

Business Developer

Hugo Nicolau's head shot
Hugo Nicolau

Human Resources

Joana Gomes's head shot
Joana Gomes

Economic Modeler

José Afonso's head shot
José Afonso

Lead Framework Engineer

Leanne Connoly's head shot
Leanne Connoly


Luís Barbosa's head shot
Luís Barbosa


Pablo Bartol's head shot
Pablo Bartol

Technical Researcher

Pedro Santos's head shot
Pedro Santos

Business Developer

Rita Fortes's head shot
Rita Fortes

Human Resources

Simão Amaro's head shot
Simão Amaro

In Training

Tomás Palmeirim's head shot
Tomás Palmeirim

Pixels & Design