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Blockchain Engineering

We provide end-to-end services for implementing blockchain into your business or project, from infrastructure selection and setting up custom solutions to designing architecture, developing smart contracts and providing ongoing monitoring and support.

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Some of the companies we work with

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StarkWare Industries is an Israel software company that specializes in zero-knowledge cryptography. It develops scaling solutions that use STARK-based validity proofs to ensure an Ethereum-secure, fast and seamless user experience.

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Defimons is a cross chain, NFT-based MMORPG with pets. Each defimon NFT used in the game will have randomised attributes. Players can fight with wild defimons and capture them, or participate in PVP Defimon Tournaments.

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77-Bit is a metaRPG NFT project that enables users to claim ownership of their in-game character by representing ownership with NFTs. In the game, players will be able to battle monsters, loot objects, craft NFTs, trade, earn, and own digital real estate.

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